Apple and Amazon will reportedly put feuding aside for the Apple TV

For all there is to like about Apple TV, the set-top box does have one major setback: no support for Amazon’s widely popular Prime Video service. However, it looks like the two companies may set aside differences and address the missing feature this summer.

Apple is reportedly going to announce support for Amazon’s premium streaming service on the Apple TV during its annual WWDC keynote on June 5, sources familiar with the matter tell BuzzFeed News.

This report backs up a previous rumor that Amazon Prime Video would make its way to Apple TV this summer, though the sources in BuzzFeed’s report say the official launch date is still subject to change.

Should this come to fruition, it would not only address a glaring omission on Apple’s set-top box, but possibly suggest a friendlier coexistence between the iPhone maker and Amazon going forward.

 The A-Teams

In addition to Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple TV, the report also claims Amazon will return the favor and resume selling Apple TVs on its retail website.

If true, this change comes two years after Amazon pulled the Apple-branded set-top box (as well as Chromecasts) from its digital shelves in favor of platforms without a competing video service, such as Rokus, game consoles and of course, its own Amazon Fire TV.

That wasn’t the first time Amazon and Apple couldn’t play well with each other, either. In 2014, Amazon stripped in-app payments from the iOS versions of several of its services — including the recently acquired ComiXology — in response to Apple demanding a 30% cut of each sale.

Google and Amazon, however, may be at odds for a little bit longer, as Chromecasts still have limited to no support for Amazon Prime Video. All hope is not lost, however, as the Nvidia Shield — powered by Android TV — got the app this year thanks to a recent Android 7.0 Nougat update.

By Parker Wilhelm

from Blogger


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