You can still buy one, get one Samsung Galaxy S8 free through T-Mobile

If you’re still holding out on a Samsung Galaxy S8, we can’t imagine the pot getting sweeter as T-Mobile and Samsung team up to bring a “buy one, get one free” deal for the brand-new handset.

Right now, if you buy two Samsung Galaxy S8s and activate a line on T-Mobile’s network, Samsung will send a rebate of up to $750 — essentially making your second phone free, (minus taxes, shipping, and the cost of activating the line, of course.)

T-Mobile seems to be in the mood to hand out S8s, as this BOGO deal is almost identical to its Mother’s Day promotion the magenta-colored carrier ran earlier this month, though run more directly through Samsung this time around.

As such, both phones are also eligible for Samsung’s entertainment kit promotion, which includes a 64GB memory card, six months of Netflix, and a Clear View Standing Cover for your brand-new phone. 

Not only is the kit handy for those who like to catch up on their shows on the small screen, but Samsung also says the bundle is valued at $170 each — quite a handsome chunk of savings for a freebie.

Should you want to make the most of this deal, we suggest acting fast. Samsung is only offering its entertainment kit bundle until May 24, and the BOGO promotion is vaguely described as being available “for a limited time” that is also “subject to change.”

By Parker Wilhelm

from Blogger


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