Nest Cam may get a 4K upgrade and enhanced zooming features

It’s been a while since we heard from home automation company Nest and its internet of things-powered gadgetry, though it appears it’s been keeping itself busy with a new high-resolution camera.

Nest is reportedly developing a 4K-resolution home security camera to be announced at the end of the month, Android Police reports. 

Intended for indoor use (tough luck to those looking to upgrade their outdoor Nest Cams) the USB-C connected camera is capable of shooting footage in 4K — but with that comes a bit of a catch.

According to the report, the image shown to a user is capped at 1080p, meaning that you won’t be getting a 4K-resolution stream of your house, per se.

“Nest, zoom in and enhance!”

Instead, the rumored new Nest Cam uses its 4K recording to zoom in on a subject (according to Android Police’s report, the camera tracks motion) while still keeping the image at 1080p. 

If we understand it correctly, the feature works like a real-life version of those security cameras in TV detective dramas that magically zero in on a criminal’s face without any noise or pixelation — which is admittedly pretty cool.

That functionality comes at a price, however, as the report says Nest’s supposed new 4K camera will cost $300 at launch, which is more than both its predecessor or even its weatherproof outdoor variant.

By Parker Wilhelm

from Blogger


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