The Amazon Echo Dot has never been cheaper than today’s deal

We do love a good voucher code, especially when it makes devices like the Amazon Echo Dot even cheaper than Black Friday. Amazon’s massively popular smart device is getting better and better over time, and it’s never been cheaper to bring one into your home. 

Most of the time, you’ll find it selling for around £49.99 at Amazon, John Lewis and other electronics retailers. However, several stores this week have tried to push ahead and have been selling it for closer to £44.

Only one store deserves your cash today though, and it’s Tesco. Using the TDX-GHWP voucher code you can knock the store’s decent £44 price down to £39. That’s the best price yet! We saw it briefly dip down to £40 in the November deals frenzy, but this is an exceptional deal to brighten up your living room, bedroom or kitchen with Alexa’s skills.

Stock has just sold out of the black model, but sign up for a stock alert if that’s the one you want. We think the white one looks great with that electric blue light though. With the voucher code being valid until June 6, there’s a good chance the black model will come back into stock in time.

By Brendan Griffiths

from Blogger


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