The best Nokia 3310 deals: register your interest

The reboot of the iconic Nokia 3310 phone has generated a lot of buzz since it was revealed at this year’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. The official release date of this retro remaster is May 24, but we suspect that stocks will fly out in the first few weeks.

The 2017 Nokia 3310 is looking like a great purchase for anyone looking for a spare mobile to take camping, or to festivals, thanks to its super-low cost and long life between battery charges. Or maybe you just don’t need all the bells and whistles of a modern smartphone, and just want the basics.

Good news! Carphone Warehouse has already opened a registration page, so you can stay up to date with the latest info on pricing and release date. Head on over via the link, and register your interest for obligation-free updates and offers.

Naturally, we’ll be listing all the latest and greatest deals as and when they become available. So feel free to bookmark this page, as we’ll update it with the cheapest prices on the Nokia 3310 from all the best network and mobile phone retailers.

From the networks, Vodafone has already kicked off proceedings by confirming that it will begin selling the new Nokia 3310 and letting you register your interest directly with them.

New Nokia 3310 price

The new Nokia 3310 is expected to cost around £40-£60 for the handset only. If you’re opting for a contract though, we imagine you’ll get the handset for free; and the monthly costs shouldn’t be very high, seeing as the functionality is relatively modest compared to your average touchscreen smartphone.

New Nokia 3310 release date

After much anticipation at TechRadar HQ, we now have a confirmed date for TTTD (“3310 Day”, as nobody’s calling it). Wednesday May 24 is the one to diarise, so the Nokia 3310 will be available well in time for the festival season and in time for people jetting off on their holidays.

What colours are available for the new Nokia 3310?

The new Nokia 3310 will be available in a range of colours. At launch expect options in blue, black, red, yellow and grey.

By Adam Marshall

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