You could soon get paid by Apple to help improve Maps

Apple Maps has come a long way since its embarrassingly broken launch in 2012, but the Phone maker is still hard at work to make its navigation app on par with Google’s counterpart.

It appears that in addition to new updates, transit information, and roving mystery vans, Apple Maps may be looking to the public to improve its product, according to iGeneration.

The program, titled TryRating, will reportedly pay freelancers a fee of 54 cents each time they verify (or improve) points of interest or other searches made with Apple Maps, up to 600 queries a day.

Apple Maps’ goal with TryRating appears to be similar to what Amazon does with Mechanical Turk, allowing human users to make money performing small interactive tasks as a means of improving data searching and machine learning, as 9to5Mac points out.

TryRating, which is claimed to have been in testing since last year, is expected to open up to a major launch later this month — perhaps as part of a side announcement during Apple’s big WWDC 2017 keynote this coming Monday, June 5.

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By Parker Wilhelm

from Blogger


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