The 5 best Windows tablets: top Windows tablets reviewed

Update: The Surface Pro 4 has been ousted by the… Surface Pro? Find out why, in lieu of a numbered title, Microsoft has devised quite possibly the biggest Surface upgrade yet at number 1 on our list!   

For a few years there, everyone and their grandparents was buying a fancy new iPad or Android slate – until one day, when we all realized in unison that these tablets were not built with productivity in mind.

Full-on desktop software such as Adobe Photoshop and Vegas Pro, for instance, are out of the question completely on an iPad or Android device, and users are instead limited to “lite” or “express” versions of these utilities. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the best Windows tablest, all of which tote a true desktop operating system in a portable form factor. 

The top Windows tablets range from convertible to standalone and each has its own unique set of traits to draw you in. For some, it’s literally drawing, with the bulk of the best Windows tablets offering a stylus pen to enhance their efficiency. For others, it’s the high-resolution screen or intensely affordable price tag. Whatever you need, you can count on finding it here.   

Best Windows tablets

Despite the subdued naming convention, this is actually the fifth iteration of the Surface Pro. As a follow-up to the winning Surface Pro 4, it would have been every bit deserving of a number attached to it, too. That’s because the latest Surface Pro sees not only the battery life improve by as much as 32%, but the accessories have been revamped as well. Although it’s now sold separately, the Surface Pen has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. What’s more, the Alcantara Type Cover is markedly comfier than previous Surface Pro keyboards and, of course, the processor has been updated to Kaby Lake.

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Best Windows tablets

HP’s Spectre x2 bears a striking resemblance to the Surface Pro 4. Take a closer look and you’ll notice that it’s thinner and lighter than Microsoft’s slate. Although the Intel Core M processor might leave you tentative to adopt the HP Spectre x2, this isn’t the Core m3 we’re talking about – this is a 6th-generation, Skylake Intel Core m7, which bears almost the same performance as the full-blown Core i5 chip harbored by the Surface Pro 4. All the while, it’s cheaper and more power efficient as well.

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Best Windows tablets

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a knockout 12-inch tablet that’s thinner and better built than most Windows 10 slates. It also offers a uniquely vibrant Super AMOLED screen you won’t find on any Windows device either, plus a pair of punchy speakers that actually sound good. Its keyboard feels a bit lackluster but if you get over this short coming, it’s the perfect Windows 10 tablet to use while streaming media and games.

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Best Windows tablets

Getting into the world of Windows 10 convertibles isn’t cheap unless we’re talking about the Pavilion x2. This 10-inch hybrid comes packing a surprising amount of goods even if it’s a short stack. The frugal slate comes stacked with a HD screen and more than enough power to get you through a day of web browsing and basic image editing. And when you’re ready for leisure hour, you can pop off the hood for a sublime tablet experience. Just bear in mind that a lot of retailers are starting to drop the HP Pavilion x2, so if you want one soon, you better act fast.

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In a world where everyone wants to be the Surface Pro 4, it’s not a shock to see that a handful of knock-offs are actually pretty impressive (gasp) and for a fraction of the price of Microsoft’s lauded slate. The Teclast X5 Pro is one of those tablets. Armed with a Core m3 processor based on Intel’s 7th-generation Kaby Lake design and a gorgeous 1,920 x 1,200 display, the Teclast X5 Pro poses a serious challenge to the entry-level SP4. It’s not nearly as stacked as some of the higher tier configurations of the Surface, but the Teclast X5 Pro is relatively cheap, even if its value is outweighed by that of HP and Lenovo’s comparable offerings.

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