It looks like Android O is codenamed Oatmeal Cookie

We don’t yet know what Android O’s launch name will be, but it looks very likely that its internal codename is Oatmeal Cookie.

Digging around in Android 8’s source code, Myce found various references to ‘oc-dev’. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean Oatmeal Cookie, but given Google’s sweet tooth it’s a likely option.

And that’s not the only evidence. Back at Google I/O 2017 several Twitter users noticed the words Oatmeal Cookie on a slide.

Taken on its own, that could have just been Google trolling eagle-eyed viewers, but with references in the source code now emerging too it seems pretty convincing.

Not on the menu

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be updating to Android Oatmeal Cookie later this year… quite the opposite in fact. 

It’s no surprise that Google has an internal codename for the operating system update and there’s no real reason to think the launch name would be the same.

In order for Google to keep the launch name a secret, it would make sense for the company to give Android O a different name in the source code of the developer preview. And we can’t imagine that it would – intentionally or otherwise – have revealed the name at I/O.

So if you ask us, Android Oatmeal Cookie is the one name you can strike off the list of potentials.

  • Android O could launch on the Pixel 2.

Via PhoneArena

By James Rogerson

from Blogger


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