The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deals in the US for June 2017

You can find a cheap iPhone 7 Plus in the US because we’re well into 2017, but far enough away from Apple’s new iPhone that it’s still worth buying this one. 

Where can you order an iPhone 7 Plus on sale? Most US carriers have deals at this point, well past last September’s launch date at its peak price point.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and also Verizon are offering discounts or free bonuses for upgrading to the biggest iPhone and money back if you’re a new customer.

The best cheap iPhone 7 Plus deals

This is the best time to buy a cheap iPhone 7 Plus since we’re still three months away from the new iPhone for 2017 and deals are just starting to come into play. You don’t have to pay $760 for your new iPhone, not without getting something in return, that is 

T-Mobile has a BOGO iPhone offer at the moment. If you buy an iPhone 7 Plus on contract for $30 a month over 24 months, they’ll give you an iPhone SE. You have to pay for both phones initially, but $400 will come to you in the mail by means of a prepaid Mastercard.

Bonus: T-Mobile’s upgraded your storage for free here. It’s offering the 256GB version for the price of the 128GB size without jacking up the price.

Verizon saves you $100 on an iPhone 7 Plus and this deal applies to both the 128GB or 256GB version, too. What’s the catch? The discount requires a new line activation. This means you’re going to have to be a new customer or adding a new line. 

AT&T has an iPhone 7 Plus BOGO, giving you a means to upgrade yourself and someone else in your family. That’s a considerable savings if you’re looking for a cheap iPhone 7 Plus pair that’s theoretically half off.

Sprint has a BOGO iPhone 7S Plus offer too. It says it’s a limited time offer, and with the iPhone Forever program, lets you upgrade after 12 months. On top of all of this, Sprint’s contracts are cheaper and not as lengthy, starting at 18 months.

Target has $200 off the newest iPhone if you’re switching between certain carriers, like to Verizon.

We’ll add more cheap iPhone 7S deals as we see them during the month of June and into July.

By Matt Swider

from Blogger


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