The best cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals in the US for June 2017

Update: Cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deals in the US are a difficult find, as the phone as been replaced by a newer version. But we’ve added a few discounts, mainly from the official Samsung store.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on sale, even if this trend-setting curved smartphone remains a top choice for many Android users. It’s popularity is just starting to wane, as it’s been overtaken by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This means American carriers and even Samsung has started to roll out discounts.

You can find several S7 Edge deals that bring the price down to $23 a month, when it had launched at $32 a month not too long ago. There’s also an unlocked SIM-free version of the phone on sale right now.

Warning: you won’t find cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on sale at all carriers anymore (they’re trying to push the newer S8, of course), but get the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it’ll work flawlessly with your network.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal (recommended)

Samsung Galaxy S7 is discontinued from sale through most carrier stores, like T-Mobile and Verizon, and it’s price is unsavory through AT&T and Sprint. But you can still buy an unlocked Galaxy S7 through Samsung’s official site and it comes with an instant rebate.

It’s $100 off now through the beginning of July for the all-carriers-compatible S7 Edge, letting you have the phone for $23.75 a month for 24 months, or $569.99 if bought outright. That’s a great deal.

This is the version of the phone we recommend because it doesn’t come with a bunch of carrier-imposed software (aka bloatware) that nobody wants and you’re free to switch from network to network. You’re never locked down to just one US carrier.

The offer expires on July 1, according to Samsung.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals on AT&T

You can still find a cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deal from AT&T, one of the few US networks to still offer the year-old Android on its site.

It costs $23.17 a month for this phone with the AT&T Next plan, and once pay off 80% of the device (or $555.99 total), you can trade it in the upgrade to another phone. 

That’s a little cheaper than the unlocked S7 Edge offered by Samsung, but in the AT&T case, you don’t get to keep the phone, which is a hugely missed value.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Sprint

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Sprint costs the same as the AT&T version for the same 24 months (as opposed to 30 months) – it’s $28.96 a month. Again, you’re better off going with the unlocked version from Samsung itself if you want last year’s phone. It works just fine on all carriers.

While Sprint has the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deal, it appears to be phasing out the S7 Edge without major incentives.

More Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge deals for June 2017

Amazon and NewEgg are offering the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for $499 if you’re willing to pay for the phone upfront. Those are great offers.

Likewise, discount carriers like Cricket Wireless and Credo offer cheaper contracts, especially compared to than AT&T and Verizon.

By Matt Swider

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