See iPhone 8 at every angle in this purported leak video

We hit peak iPhone 8 rumors today, thanks to a very detailed video showing off a mockup of Apple’s 10th anniversary smartphone at every angle.

This is what the iPhone 8 will look like, according to popular Apple leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer in a new video that goes as far as measuring the new phone.

It’s based on specs, known as 3D CAD drawings, that are said to be sourced ” from the factory in charge of building the new iPhone.”

The iPhone 8 video notes that details about the new phone could change before the official Apple launch event that’s expected in September.

Rumored iPhone 8 specs

The iPhone 8 was manufactured based on leaked information more than it does confirm any new specs. We’re just now seeing it all in a hands-on video.

Everything is here. The striking all-screen display on the front gives the iPhone 8 a bezel-less design, leaving only the front-facing camera and sensors peaking out at the top.

What’s not here? The physical home button. Not even the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus home button pad. The screen has expanded while the device as shrunk – the best of both worlds. 

By Matt Swider

from Blogger


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