Motorola’s latest phone add-on is a 360-degree camera

Motorola isn’t done making new Moto Mods, as owners of the Moto Z smartphone family will soon be able to augment their handset to shoot 360-degree videos.

A spherical-view camera was reportedly launched by Motorola during a recent press event in Ghana, according to Techdroider. The two-lens accessory allows users to capture their entire surroundings and create VR-compatible video content without a complex multi-camera rig or awkwardly designed peripheral.

Though the press event in Ghana was the first sighting of the 360-degree camera Moto Mod, well-known (and well-trusted) tech leaker Evan Blass posted a high-resolution render of the attachment today, which you can see below:

At first glance, Motorola’s newest Mod is reminiscent of the upcoming Essential Phone‘s own 360-degree camera attachment. Similar to Motorola’s approach with Moto Mods, the handset developed by Essential supports modular hardware add-ons.

No other details were announced for the 360-degree camera Moto Mod, particularly price, release date, and availability, but as the Mod-compatible Moto Z2 Play recently makes its way to the US, it’s probable Motorola’s latest augmentation will follow suit in time.

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By Parker Wilhelm

from Blogger


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