Get a wireless security camera for less this Prime Day

If you’ve ever been away from home and wanted to look in on what’s happening, now you can do so for a reduced price thanks to Amazon Prime Day, which has seen this AIVANT security camera reduced from its regular price of £39.99 down to £30.99

This smart little camera can be used as baby monitors, security cameras, and even help you to make sure that your dog is alright while you’re at work.

What’s more, the camera has a two-way speaker system so if your dog is midway through digging its way to the earth’s core you can try to stop it. Or, you know, soothe your baby back to sleep. Or pretend to be the voice of reason in the burglar’s head who is trying to climb in through your window.

The AIVANT Wireless Security Camera links up to an app that works on your iOS or Android phone, iPad, and PC, but will not work with Android tablets. The camera connects to your home’s WI-Fi and then can be controlled via the app.

Once connected, you can adjust Pan/Tilt with a horizontal angle of 355° and a vertical angle of 120° so you can see anywhere in the room you pop it in. It has a 3.0 megapixel lens capable of streaming video at 1280 x 720p HD quality. 

You can choose to either stream 24/7, set off motion detection alerts so you get an email if something moves in front of the camera, and can even record footage to a MicroSD card, which you’ll have to provide.

The Wireless Security Camera is 23% off it’s usual price for a few hours during Prime Day. This is a Lightning Deal, meaning that it will come down at midnight. The stock usually goes pretty quickly on Lightning Deals, so if you want to get your hands on the AIVANT, don’t hang about. 

  • It’s Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant’s annual mega sale. Stick with TechRadar for how to grab all the best deals.

By Andrew London

from Blogger


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